The Caker has been designing and selling edible cake toppers & ribbon since 2010.

All our products are 100% edible and made from Icing. They are pre-cut and very easy to use. Simply peel away from the backing sheet and apply to your iced cake.

Icing last a very long time and has a best before date of about a year in advance from the date printed so you can order well in advance.

The toppers come in various shapes and sizes. Please note these are the sizes of the icing sheets, not the images printed on them.

Quantity               Shape                                        Size of Icing Topper

30                         Mini Toppers                              38mm (1.5")

15                          Cupcake Toppers                      50mm (2")

1                            Small Rectangle Topper          127mmx190mm (5"x7.5")

1                            Large Round Topper                190mm (7.5")

1                            Large Square Topper               190mm (7.5")

1                            Large Rectangle Topper         190mmx255mm (7.5"x10")

3                           Strips of Edibe Ribbon             60mmx255mm (2.5"x10")


Both the large rectangle & square toppers can be cut to smaller sizes.
With the large round topper we can reduce the image if needed and
you can trim the topper to the right size.    
All the icing sheets can be very easily cut with scissors or a scalpel.

Storage, removal and application

Please keep your icing in the air tight bag until ready to use. Store at room temperature & never in the fridge (before or after placing on your cake).

The icing can be cut very easily before removing from the backing sheet using either a scalpel or clean dry scissors.

To remove the icing carefully peel away from the backing with your fingers or if preferred, the tip of a knife. To help the topper/ribbon to stick to your cake you should first moisten the icing on the cake. You can do this using a pastry brush and water or by painting small dots of water (or edible glue) onto the cake. There is already a very thin layer of edible glue sprayed onto the back of the toppers & ribbon so very little moisture is needed. Always dampen your cake, not the topper/ribbon. Please contact us with any questions. We have have lots of experience and are very happy to help, thank you.

Ingredient List

Water, Maize Starch, Dried Glucose Syrup, Humectant, Glycerine, Rapeseed Vegetable Oil, Sorbitol (Sweetener), Titanium Dioxide (Colour), Cellulose (Thickener), Polysorbate 80 (Emulsifier), Vanillin, Sucralose (Flavouring)

Suitable for Vegan – YES Suitable for Vegetarians – YES Gluten Fee – YES Kosher – YES