Below are some common questions our customers ask when purchasing an edible topper, if you have other questions, please send them to

Yes - All of our products are 100% edible

Edible icing sheets are made from the following ingredients: water, cornstarch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, sorbitol, glycerine, sugar, vegetable oil,  gum arabic, polysorbate 80, vanilla, titanium dioxide, citric acid

They are completely safe for human consumption, made from 100% EC approved ingredients

They are Kosher approved and a certificate can be provided upon request

Our products do not come into contact with any nuts

Items have a minimum shelf life of 6 months.
Toppers should be kept in the air tight bag they come in until ready to use. DO NOT STORE IN THE FRIDGE OR FREEZER..

Cake & Cupcake toppers

Remove the topper & place it on a work surface with a sharp edge (we use a glass table) with the image facing up. Holding it tightly with both hands quickly pull part of the topper over the sharp edge of the work surface towards the floor, keeping the topper as taut as possible. As you pull you will see the topper start to come away from the backing. Stop pulling and use a palette knife to gently remove the remainder of the topper.

Edible Ribbon

Remove the ribbon from the bag. Use the tip of a sharp knife to gently lift a small area of ribbon. When you have lifted a small area slide the blade under the remainder of the ribbon, a palette knife is good for this part. Do not try to peel the ribbon until you have seperated it from the backing sheet or it may tear. Please be careful, icing toppers are very thin (they are meant to be this way) & can be fragile, especially the ribbon.

For troublesome toppers that do not want to come off the backing please try freezing as follows:

Leave the topper in the bag and lay it flat in the freezer for 10 minutes. Remove from the freezer, take out of the bag and the toppers should now come away easily from the backing.  Try to handle the topper as little as possible as it will defrost very quickly.

Our toppers are made by KopyKake USA, please find attached their help sheet with plenty more tips on using the toppers (View/Download PDF).

Paint small dots of edible glue or water onto the icing to help the topper stick. Very little glue/water is needed, if too much is used it will ruin the topper. Always dampen the icing on your cake, NOT the topper. We find using a pastry brush to slighty dampen the icing works very well. If required, you can cut the icing sheets using either a scalpel or clean dry scissors. Please be careful, icing toppers are very thin (they are meant to be this way) & can be fragile, especially the ribbon .
The Toppers work best with white sugar paste, also known as fondant, or ready rolled icing. They can be used with coloured sugar paste, but the colours may show through the topper if it has a design with a whie background. Toppers can also be used on Royal Icing, Butter Cream & Chocolate.